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Revolutionize Your Energy and Utilities Strategy

with Sustainable Solutions

Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities sector plays a critical role in powering our world while also facing the challenges of sustainability and environmental conservation. Closer Consulting specializes in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that enable organizations in the energy and utilities industry to achieve operational excellence, enhance efficiency, and drive environmental stewardship.

Ready to Power Sustainability

with Data & AI Solutions?

Driving Sustainability in Energy and Utilities

Advanced Energy Forecasting

Closer uses predictive models to forecast energy demands and optimize supply planning. Our accurate, forward-looking insights help maintain balance and reduce operational costs, ensuring energy efficiency.

Smart Grid Management

Leverage Closer's AI solutions to monitor and manage smart grid operations effectively. We enhance service quality, reduce downtime, and ensure a steady, reliable energy supply through real-time data analytics.

Operational Efficiency with AI

Closer's AI-driven solutions detect anomalies in energy production processes and automate decision-making. This results in higher operational efficiency, less waste, and improved cost management in energy distribution.

Some of Our Work in Energy and Utilities

Virtual Power Plant Management

Closer developed a machine learning forecast to optimize energy use in office buildings, managing temperatures and AC power needs in real-time, improving energy utilization by 19%.

Freight Forecasting for Oil Derivatives

Using machine learning, Closer provided a 10-day freight price forecast for oil derivatives along the Rhine, integrating data like water levels and demand, reducing forecast error by 8%.

Smart Grid Quality of Service

Closer enhanced service quality for an electric utilities group by integrating data from operational systems, identifying service interruptions, and improving response times with smart meter analytics.

Linear Programming Outliers Detection

Closer developed a system to detect anomalies in refinery Linear Programming output, enhancing the analysis of hundreds of distributions and significantly improving operational insights with a 90% outlier detection rate.

Heating Oil Demand Forecast

Closer implemented a predictive model for heating oil demand forecasting, achieving a two-month ahead prediction with less than 9% error, aiding optimal demand planning for energy companies.

Self-Service BI for Energy Business Areas

Closer enabled increased autonomy for business users in the energy sector by developing a self-service BI dashboard based on monthly reporting data, enhancing data quality and reducing reporting efforts.

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